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  Why Fluorine plastic Insulated Wires Silver Plating ?
Why Fluorine plastic Insulated Wires Silver Plating ?

The:Why Fluorine plastic Insulated Wires Silver Plating ?
Fluorine plastic wire  wire is usually silver plated, as is most wire rated for use at over 125°C.  At high temperatures, and over time, tin plating or solder tinning can dissolve into the underlying copper wire, leaving a surface that is difficult to solder.  Silver plating can withstand higher temperatures for longer periods of time than can conventional tinning.  Further, at the temperatures Fluorine plastic insulation is extruded and cured, individually tinned strands would be effectively soldered together to make a solid wire.  Freshly stripped Fluorine plastic wire is truly beautiful with its white silver luster.  But silver plated wire tarnishes (just like silverware); it should not be stored near sources of sulfur fumes such as cardboard, paper, rubber bands, etc.  Fluorine plastic insulated silver plated copper wire is fairly immune to tarnish, but sometimes it is necessary to cut off and discard an inch or two if discoloration is seen at the end.  Nickel plating is used for temperatures exceeding 200°C, but nickel is more difficult to solder due to surface oxidation.  Interestingly, because of the difficulty in extruding long runs of Fluorine plastic insulation, the mil spec allows a large spool of Fluorine plastic insulated wire to be made up of several spliced pieces (the hydraulic extrusion rams can only hold so much Fluorine plastic material, thus limiting the maximum uninterrupted producible length).
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