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2.4G Wifi Antenna Cable

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   Detailed introduction

2.4G Wifi Antenna Cable is used as adaptor cable to connect both devices and signal transmission. (ie. Wireless modTeflon Insulated Wires - e and 2.4G antenna). The application is much wide from WLAN, GPS, GSM, Radio VHF, DVB-T, and even for Medical instrumentation.

If you have an inquiry

Necessary information is:

  1. RF Connector type at both ends
  2. Coax cable type
  3. Coax cable length (Include or exclude both connectors)
  4. Quantity

Additional information is:

  1. Working frequency (Advise if it’s over 3GHz for 50ohm cable or 1GHz for 75ohm cable)
  2. Orientation (Please consider when cable length is shorter than 150mm)
  3. Label or label location (White label with unscratched black text and logo)
  4. Adhesive type heat shrinking tube
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